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How to Manage your HOA Short-Term Rentals

Signal 88 Security

Would you spend the night in a total stranger’s house?

Though it sounds awkward, this new travel trend is growing more popular every day. On any given night, 2 million guests are staying in other people’s homes on Airbnb.

And despite their trendy photos and websites, short-term rental services like Airbnb or VRBO aren’t limited to millennials in Miami or hipsters in Honolulu.

In fact, Airbnb’s fastest-growing demographic is senior hosts, age 60+. And you might be astonished to learn that business travelers make up 10% of Airbnb’s stays.

As these services become more commonplace around the globe, you’re likely to find yourself with some new, temporary neighbors — whether your HOA allows short-term rentals or not.

If your community does allow rentals, you’ll need a solution to promote compliance with your rules and policies.

Signal 88’s security services for homeowners’ associations can help monitor and protect Airbnb and VRBO rentals.

Our officers make mobile patrols through the neighborhood, deterring crime, hijinks, or disruptions during the night. Signal 88’s high-visibility SUVs, with LED lights and reflective graphics, convey a strong and active presence that gives peace of mind to residents and visitors alike.

Because every Signal 88 location is locally owned and operated, your HOA or POA can work directly with a local security expert. Personal relationships and 1-on-1 customer service are core to our business, even when disaster strikes. This means we can tailor our security solutions to meet your needs.

Does your neighborhood have pools or public areas? Officers will ensure they’re vacant and locked for the night, every night.

Does your HOA have parking regulations or trash-can policies? Signal 88 can partner with you to ensure that community standards are enforced consistently.

Signal 88 can even partner with HOA managers whose communities prohibit short-term rentals like Airbnb. Signal 88 patrols can observe and report any properties identified by the HOA, noting new cars or other activity. Timestamps and photo reports give you the evidence you need to act.

Vacation season is approaching and Airbnb is growing more popular every day. Don’t let short-term rentals turn into a long-term headache!

Call your local Signal 88 franchise today to speak with a local residential security expert, and discover our promise of peace of mind!

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