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Creating Peace of Mind

Signal 88 Security's safety tips and insights blog providing our communities with detailed content to assist in providing a peace of mind. 
Signal 88 Security
Event Hosting in a Covid-19 World: How to Get Attendees Back

The events industry is one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19..

Signal 88 Security
Your Path to Peace of Mind: Patrol vs Dedicated Officers

A property manager's responsibility to their residents is very similar to..

Signal 88 Security
Spring into Amenity Checks with Peace of Mind

As we head into spring and summer, people may be more tempted to leave their..

Signal 88 Security
Spring Into Security Cleaning

Spring is fast approaching, which for a lot of us, means spring cleaning!..

Signal 88 Security
We're Here During Challenging Times

As the concerns around COVID-19 continue to grow, it’s important for us at..

Signal 88 Security
Busting 6 Myths About Private Security Officers

Over 1 million people in the United States are employed as security..

Signal 88 Security
Rideshare Reminders: Commute with Peace of Mind

There was once a time where we were told by our parents to never get into a..

Signal 88 Security
Emergency Response for the Emergency Room

A hospital’s number one priority should be providing top notch patient care...

Signal 88 Security
Peace of Mind in Times of Crisis: Emergency Preparedness in the Wake of Natural Disasters

Whether you own a business, other property, or only have your home to worry..

Signal 88 Security
The New Standard in Providing Peace of Mind

When many people think of security, the first images that come to mind are..

Signal 88 Security
Holiday Travel: Securing Your Home While You're Away

Ahh December. The holidays are a wonderful time for seeing far away family..

Signal 88 Security
Convenience at a Cost? How to Protect Yourself Online

Do you remember the days before online holiday shopping? You had to get to..

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