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Creating Peace of Mind

Signal 88 Security's safety tips and insights blog providing our communities with detailed content to assist in providing a peace of mind. 
Signal 88 Security
7 Common Misconceptions about Apartment Security

Since we launched in 2003, Signal 88 has worked with a lot of apartment..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Campus Parking Safety

As we roll into August, so do students across the country as they return to..

Signal 88 Security
One Easy Way to Save Costs on Hospital Security

There never seems to be a stable time in the medical industry.

Signal 88 Security
A New Strategy to Help Secure Your Hotel Pool

Have you heard of #PoolSwiping?

Signal 88 Security
How Can I Improve My Hotel Parking Lot Security?

Did you know? U.S. hotels spend over $6 billion annually on renovations and..

Signal 88 Security
How Hotel Foot Patrols will Improve Your Guests' Experience

In the movies, hotels are always classy.

Signal 88 Security
Is Your Hotel's Event Security The Best It Can Be?

As I write, travel season in the U.S. is kicking into high gear. 

Signal 88 Security
Taco Bout Dedication: One Signal 88 Security Officer's Inspiring Story

On the banks of the Santa Ana River stands Angel Stadium of Anaheim. It's a..

Signal 88 Security
How to Beef Up your HOA Security and Save $39,000

At some point, every homeowner's association wonders:

Signal 88 Security
Digital Peace of Mind: What the GDPR means for you

You’ve probably received dozens of emails in the last few days with subject..

Signal 88 Security
How Signal 88 Security Can Help You Manage Short-Term Rentals for Your HOA

Would you spend the night in a total stranger’s house?

Signal 88 Security
The Easiest Way to Maximize Security for your HOA Pool

Any community manager or HOA board can tell you that pool season brings its..

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