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Creating Peace of Mind

Signal 88 Security's safety tips and insights blog providing our communities with detailed content to assist in providing a peace of mind. 
Signal 88 Security
How well do you know your property's security risks?

You're the property manager for your company, leaving after a long day of..

Signal 88 Security
Two solutions for your parking enforcement needs

It's 6pm on a Tuesday night and you're finally pulling into your apartment..

Signal 88 Security
Don't Skimp on Credit Card Skimmer Security

It’s easy to complain about the price of gas or having to get out and pump..

Signal 88 Security
5 reasons why you should consider retail security services

The world of retail shopping has changed dramatically over the years. The..

Signal 88 Security
Here are a few things you should know about self-storage security

Once seen as a luxury service for most Americans, self-storage has quickly..

Signal 88 Security
How to protect your property from loitering and vagrancy

Businesses are under constant pressure to attract more customers, grow..

Signal 88 Security
Convenience Stores: A 24-hour opportunity

Convenience Stores: A 24-hour opportunity…for both customers and vandals.

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season

It seems the holiday season starts earlier each year. This fall, our..

Signal 88 Security
7 Common Misconceptions about Apartment Security

Since we launched in 2003, Signal 88 has worked with a lot of apartment..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Campus Parking Safety

As we roll into August, so do students across the country as they return to..

Signal 88 Security
One Easy Way to Save Costs on Hospital Security

There never seems to be a stable time in the medical industry.

Signal 88 Security
A New Strategy to Help Secure Your Hotel Pool

Have you heard of #PoolSwiping?

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