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March 2017 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security's Officer of the Month for March 2017 is Officer Ryan Willis of Signal 88 Security of Columbia, Missouri.

Since joining Signal 88 in August 2015, Officer Willis has exhibited excellent observation skills and a superb instinct for the job.

As a dedicated officer, Willis' presence was key in helping police make many arrests, ranging from property damage to controlled substance use.

In December 2016, Officer Willis made the transition to the patrol division where his skillset has continued to exceed expectations. OoM - March.jpg

Below are just a few examples of the exemplary job Officer Willis has done since moving to the patrol division:

December 2016: Officer Willis identified two people wanted by the local police for theft at a client property. The two suspects were arrested and a stolen firearm was recovered.

February 2017: Once again, Officer Willis played a key role in the identification and arrest of a burglary suspect at another client property. Officer Willis' keen eye and attention to detail helped police find the suspect quickly.

March 2017: During a regular patrol, Officer Willis came upon suspicious activity by two people casing a car in a parking lot. The individuals fled, but on a later patrol, he discovered that they had returned! Officer Willis also found a large amount of drug paraphernalia, along with a crowbar, rope and other tools. He contacted local police, who caught the suspects. One had an outstanding warrant.

During his time with Signal 88 Security of Columbia, Officer Willis has stood out as an exemplary employee. He has shown excellent observational, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. He strives to grow and improve every day. Officer Willis has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Signal 88 team.

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