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February 2017 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security's Officer of the Month for February 2017 is awarded to Officer Brendon Benson of Signal 88 Security of Greenville, SC.

Since starting with Signal 88 more than a year ago, Officer Benson has shown courage and outstanding performance while on duty.

Brendon came to Signal 88 with a background in customer service and store management. This experience has allowed him to adapt and excel as a Signal 88 officer.

Officer Benson is sincere and professional with people he meets. Even in tense conditions, his attitude brings peace of mind to those around him.OoM - Feb-1.jpg

While in the field, Officer Benson's reports top our standards. Each brief from Officer Benson is detailed and thorough, easy to read, and enhanced with photos.

When an incident does come up, he takes the time to complete reports with helpful pictures and data.

Most notably, Officer Benson has been a tremendous team leader for Signal 88 of Greenville. He has been a mentor and guide for new officers.

Officer Benson's great work ethic and knack for perfection have set him apart. That's why we are proud to honor him as Signal 88 Security's Officer of the Month.

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