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October 2018 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security
Signal 88 Security is pleased to recognize Officer Ed "Mark" Roddy of Signal 88 Security of Lafayette, as our Officer of the Month for October 2018.
As both an evolving leader and team member, Roddy continues to practice and apply skills that are asked of an ideal Signal 88 officer whose goal and focus is to provide peace of mind to those we serve. 
Of those skills, it was his ability to be alert and quick in response to fire and smoke that prompted his most recent heroic act. During an apartment complex patrol, Roddy noticed smoke coming from one of the buildings. He immediately went to investigate, and upon realizing no one was home, he contacted the local fire department. The fire department was able to control the fire before any further disaster could take place.
Each member of the team deserves praise for playing a part in saving the apartment's residents and avoiding a catastrophic situation. In a special way, we recognize Ed "Mark" Roddy for his outstanding attention to detail, and acting decisively to protect others. We are proud to have you on our team, Officer Roddy!

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