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November 2017 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Several days ago, Signal 88 Security of York, PA, received the following email from a woman who met Officer Brian Tejada after a late-night highway rollover crash. We believe the message is worth reprinting here; only personal details have been removed.

I hope to be emailing the right person to recognize an employee who saved my life and my kids' lives. Last Saturday, November 4th, I was driving to York to meet my husband who is a returning soldier coming home from a long 9-month deployment in Afghanistan. I was driving along I-83 around 3 am when a couple of deer came out of nowhere and crossed the road. I swerved and lost control of my SUV. When I hit the guard-rail, my vehicle flipped on its side and I was unable to reach my kids or get my seatbelt off to get out of my car.

I suddenly heard a gentleman's voice a few moments later and he told me to stay calm and that he called the police and would get me and my kids out of the car. He began by climbing in through the back window of my Ford Explorer and taking my oldest boy (age 8) out first. The whole time he kept telling me everything was going to be okay and kept repeating it. After pulling my other children out of my car I could smell gas and started to panic. I started to smell smoke and was crying and I just kept hearing his voice telling me not to worry. He risked his own life and came into my car again for me. He cut me free from my seatbelt and made sure I got out safely first. When we exited, the whole front of the car was on fire.

He put me and my kids in his car a safe distance away and waiting for police to come. When the fire department came he carried my two youngest out to the ambulance and was gone before I could even say thank you.

I just hope that you can get this to him and tell him thank you so so much for saving our lives. I will forever be grateful for the risks he took to put his life on the line and save ours.

It's not every day you find someone who goes above and beyond to save the lives of others when they are not being paid to do so. I try not to think about this, but if he was not there, I do not think me and my kids would be here today. 

It is noteworthy that Tejada supervisor, responding to this message, wrote that “this is the first we are hearing of this, and that makes sense if you know Brian. He is a humble, caring, dedicated man.”

We believe this story speaks for itself. Officer Tejada’s heroism and humility exemplify the core values of Signal 88. We are pleased to recognize him as November’s Officer of the Month, and honored to call him a colleague in providing peace of mind.

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