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May 2017 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes an officer who exemplifies what we stand for — professionalism, service, and dedication to providing peace of mind.

Join us this month in recognizing Officer Daniel Tidwell of Signal 88 Security of Lafayette, LA, for his actions on a recent noise complaint call.

Signal 88 received a noise complaint call from an apartment property in Lafayette. Officer Tidwell responded within minutes. As he spoke with the noisy resident, the original complainant burst into the noisemaker's home, shouting and threatening.

The situation could have quickly escalated or become violent. Yet Officer Tidwell cooled the situation with his calm and professional demeanor.

Several days later, the original complainant filed a police report about Officer Tidwell and his handling of the situation. Luckily for all involved, the entire incident was caught on security cameras. The investigation was dropped and justice prevailed.

Officer Tidwell, thank you for providing peace of mind in the Lafayette community!

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