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May 2021 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security Officer Billy Brockman is the employee who helps his bosses and clients sleep well at night. With Billy on duty as field supervisor for #205 in the Omaha, Nebr., and surrounding area, he handles security issues that can arise in the wee hours. Billy makes sure the phone doesn’t ring from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Signal 88 General Manager Jonathan Johnson and Regional Operations Manger Nate Ridenour.


In his nearly three years with Signal 88, Billy has proven he can handle the mischievous marauders to the violent vagrants. Trespassers starting fires inside buildings. Meth heads dealing drugs. Thieves breaking and entering.


Billy’s nightly tours range from Midtown around 72nd Street all the way to Council Bluffs. Of the Omaha franchise’s 200 tours a night, Billy covers 60 to 70 of them himself. The 16 properties managed by the city of Omaha is one of Billy’s most expansive patrol assignments. The residents of these Section 8 towers and apartments are low-income families, the elderly and those with disabilities.


“Billy recently took charge and assisted with our off-duty law enforcement contract with the Omaha Housing Authority,” Nate Ridenour explains. “This contract is one of our largest hybrids including the patrol division and the law enforcement officers. These officers and guards run into these buildings every night caring for the residents inside these properties.” 


The older buildings are enticing for prowlers to sneak or break inside. In one location, vagrants tore a “hidey hole” behind a soda machine, then shimmied into the wall and down into the basement where they sheltered until Signal 88 officers discovered them. 


Billy helps the area law enforcement officers to schedule their patrols around the Section 8 properties. The ever-diligent Billy reminds his Signal 88 officers that working with the public is a two-way street.


“I tell my officers to talk respectfully to people who may be troublemakers and they will show you respect back,” he says. “You don’t have to be confrontational. Your words are your biggest asset.”


Words are a big asset and come easily when applauding Billy’s role with Signal 88 Security. “Billy has been an integral part of our success here in the Omaha market,” Nate shares. “He has supervised and trained over 100 employees passing down his extensive knowledge and positive values.”


Billy’s management team values that he sees past tomorrow and treats the employees with respect and in return has earned theirs over the years. “I’m more hands-on,” Billy says. “I love to be the one actually conducting training with the new officers so they get to see what I do since I’m the one out with them every day.”


A former forklift operator with a handy knowledge of mechanical repairs, Billy also lends a hand on occasion to keep the company’s patrol vehicles running smoothly every night, seven days a week. Dedicated. Trustworthy. Adaptable. These words and much more describe Officer Billy Brockman.


When Billy was notified of his earning the May Officer of the Month, he was a bit stunned. Ever the one to promote his officers and nominate them for the award, he didn’t consider himself receiving the honor.

“I was shocked because I didn’t even know I was in queue for it,” Billy explains. “I never thought of the award for myself, so I was surprised. My guards are the ones that help me throughout my shift, so they are ones that deserve it.”

Humble and truly a team player, Billy keeps garnering accolades from his Signal 88 Security managers. “We are confident we would not be as successful without the support and positive attitude day in and day out that Billy brings to the table. He continuously takes on more than his normal job duties to secure and retain contracts within our company,” Nate adds. “I have the utmost trust in his duties and responsibilities, and I know the management team here does as well. Billy represents Signal 88's core values in and out of the office on a daily basis.” 


Well done, Billy. We extend huge congratulations on you helping your managers sleep well and on being our May Officer of the Month!

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