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May 2020 Guard of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to announce that Rudy Meusa of #276 Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, is the Signal 88 Guard of the Month for May 2020. 

Rudy is our first award winner from a Canadian franchise. In Ontario, the word “officer” is not permitted for use by private security. Therefore, we can also say that Meusa is our first-ever Guard of the Month winner!

We’re proud to recognize Meusa for his work on his very first day with Signal 88.

Meusa’s first post in his new position was at an LCBO store in Ontario. The contract with this client was initially slated for only a few days, but by the time Officer Meusa finished his shift on site, the client had a different idea.

“The staff at this store was not happy to hear that Meusa wouldn’t be coming back to that location. I was actually visiting him on site that day and the staff asked me to bring him back the next day,” said local franchise owner Joe Sworesho. 

So that’s exactly what the LCBO store did. The store manager made a few quick calls up the proverbial totem pole. And just like that, Meusa became the only security guard allowed to service that site. 

“He was actually very excited by this news from the staff. Rudy wanted to work with that location specifically anyway, even though it was costing him an extra 25 minutes of driving. I think that shows how willing and dependable of a person he is,” notes Sworesho. 

During Meusa’s first week with the client, he encountered an intoxicated person who tried to enter while the store was closing. The individual had snuck inside, and when asked to leave, he spat at and assaulted one of the workers.

Officer Meusa used his tactical and strategic thinking to quickly act on the situation. The individual was gently removed and placed outside, where local law enforcement had already been called to step in. 

The staff at the LCBO store were so thankful for Officer Meusa’s efforts that they even went so far as to shift their store hours for him!

Due to COVID-19, LCBO stores changed their operating times. This change meant Officer Meusa wouldn’t be able to work any longer, because of family obligations.

Upon learning this, the LCBO store manager adjusted their security hours for that specific store, so Meusa could continue his time at that location. 

The Ontario team says Officer Meusa is a great example of how much one person can make an impact on others.

“He gets along with everyone. He takes charge when he needs to and creates a happy environment,” says Sworesho. 

Meusa’s team says they hope to see more of him, servicing their community and creating peace of mind. He is a very valued member of the Downtown Hamilton team and of the greater Signal 88 Security family!

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