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May 2019 Officer of the Month

Omid "Ivan" Ahmady: Signal 88 of Richmond, VA

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is thrilled to name Officer Omid “Ivan” Ahmady of #168 Richmond, VA, as the Signal 88 Officer of the Month for May 2019.



Ivan’s managers have such glowing words for him that we’re unable to add anything more. Here is an excerpt directly from his supervisors:

“Ivan is the most impressive person with whom we have ever worked. He always makes himself available for work any time of the day or night. Ivan takes such pride and passion in his work that he even works on his days off! Even though he works non-stop, he never complains. In fact, his attitude is always very positive and he encourages the team to be the same! Ivan works as if he is the owner. He also has taken it upon himself to learn all of the positions we need as part of our company and represents our company in any capacity when the need arises.

Ivan is a leader and cares about the image of Signal 88. He always keeps his uniform clean, shirt tucked in and looking great to positively represent the company at all times. He has built a relationship with the local police and takes a leadership role in establishing a relationship with the people in the different communities that we service.

Ivan is always looking out for the best interest of the company. He takes care of the vehicles and makes sure they are serviced regularly. Ivan is a superstar employee!

In the line of work, he has literally saved lives! He saved the life of the same man who twice overdosed on opioids. His attention to detail is exceptional. He investigates places in a building that most people wouldn’t even think to check. And by doing so, he has found illegal drugs on a property and informed the police. He regularly works with police to help locate people who should not be on property and makes sure they are removed accordingly.”

As you can see, Ivan plays a major role for the Richmond franchise and truly represents the best of Signal 88 Security. He attends the company’s annual Convention and can often be found building relationships with fellow franchise key people. Most importantly, he is committed to our promise of providing peace of mind.

Ivan, we are proud to call you one of our own. We know your importance to the Richmond franchise and to the Signal 88 community at large. Congratulations on your selection as May 2019’s Hero of the Month!

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