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March 2018 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security’s Officers of the Month for March 2018 are Gerard Gomley and Jim Heine of Signal 88 Security of Dunedin, FL.

Returning to the local Signal 88 franchise office at the end of his shift, Gomley noticed a hot ember that had blown off the roof of a neighboring pizza joint, Frank’s Pizza.

Gerard leapt out of the car and began spraying the roof with a garden hose. Heine called 911 to report the fire.

Within 8 minutes, first responders had arrived on the scene to knock down the fire with minimal damage to the building.

Without our Officers of the Month, the fire would surely have gone unnoticed until the damage was catastrophic. Their alertness and quick thinking — at the end of a long overnight shift, no less — saved the building, businesses, and people inside.

Gerard only started with Signal 88 Security in January 2018, but is an experienced security officer. He is an asset to the Dunedin/Clearwater community and to our entire organization. Gerard and Jim, thank you for your professionalism and quick response! We are proud to work with people like you!

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