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June 2017 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes an officer whose continued professionalism and dedication to providing peace of mind is an embodiment of the standards and core values of Signal 88. Join us this month in recognizing Officer Josiah Smith from Greenville, South Carolina for his exemplary actions. Smith is a new officer to Signal 88 and has already shown exceptional professionalism and reliability. 

On June 9th, while off duty, Smith was asked to respond to a property in which some teenagers were trying to gain unwarranted access to the property's pool. Smith arrived in less than a half hour in uniform to keep them from getting in. 

A few weeks later, Signal 88 Security of Greenville had been informed by a property manager that a large party was expected at one of her buildings the following Sunday. She was concerned due to similar parties in the area at which gunfire had occurred. When Smith noticed the party forming a day earlier than expected, he proactively reached out to residents informing them that they needed to follow the rules of the apartment complex. Within an hour, the party got out of hand, and he responded at the request of management to break it up. 

Officer Smith consistently goes above and beyond to secure peace of mind for the properties he services and is an example of what it means to be a part of Signal 88 Security. 

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