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June 2021 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Standing hand in hand with our core values, you can count Officer Veechi Vang to do an outstanding job.

Veechi Vang is one steady and personable officer for Signal 88 Security of Anchorage, Alaska. Veechi is the teammate who always has everyone’s back. Though only a Signal 88 patrol officer for little over a year, Veechi has quickly risen to leadership within the team and consistently proves he deserves the June Officer of the Month.

“Veechi models the main core values of trust, honesty and integrity. That’s very important to me. He’s also models accountability and dependability and he shows up for his shift on time,” Site Manager Valerie Anderson says in describing Veechi and his work ethic. “Veechi is also a team player and this is important because it’s a trust factor when you send two officers on the same patrol. You’ve got to be able to trust your partner.”

Other Signal 88 patrol officers do trust Veechi and they appreciate his upbeat demeanor. “I like sharing a smile with my coworkers and help keep them going,” Veechi explains.   

Proving his dependability, Veechi transferred to a patrol officer at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API) in April. The API facility is the only public psychiatric hospital in the entire state of Alaska and it primarily serves Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured patients. On any given shift, Veechi may be called upon to patrol the units, oversee patients in the hallways, help hold down an unruly patient or assist with a medical emergency. 

“We do a little bit of everything on our shifts at API and Veechi has proved to be a great add to our API team,” Valerie says. “He has demonstrated the ability to adapt to changes and he’s always willing to help anybody. Veechi is always eager to work and he just has a positive, awesome attitude.”

Surprised by his earning the June Hero of the Month, Veechi is quick to thank his Signal 88 team. “This is a really great company and I get some good opportunities to try some different things and learn about protecting others and keeping people safe.”

Congratulations, Officer Veechi Vang. We are proud to award you our Signal 88 Security Officer of the Month.

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