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June 2020 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to announce that Yvette Sandoval of #176 Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the Signal 88 Officer of the Month for June 2020!

Officer Sandoval started with the franchise back in September of 2018 and has set the example for others ever since.

“Her reports are always perfect and we even use them when we’re training other officers during their onboarding to show them what a good report should look like,” says Franchise Manager Jim Cusic.

Officer Sandoval works a drop yard site during the week, which is a large parking lot with about 70 plus tractor trailers parked at any one time. Drivers go in and out all day, returning with a different load. She takes great ownership of the property, ensuring that all the drivers are met with a smile and happy “hello”. 

“She does a great job taking initiative when it’s needed. She greets the drivers, they know her and she knows them by name. There’s hardly any issues when she’s around,” says Cusic.

It’s a regular occurrence for people experiencing homelessness to wonder through the drop yard. They often become hostile toward the drivers, threatening them or causing other problems. Officer Sandoval works hard to handle those situations with her de-escalation skills and is cautious about who enters the yard by checking drivers’ IDs.

“Her post is not without a few issues. She has had a few potential situations that could have become out of control if not for her cool head and 'mom' approach to settle attitudes down,” says Cusic.

Officer Yvette’s direct actions recently resulted in the drop yard company signing a short-term contract for additional security. 

“No other officer has had such a huge impact on a property and corporate leadership like Yvette has. She exemplifies passion for the job and people perfectly,” says Cusic.

Signal 88 Security wants to thank Officer Yvette for her outstanding leadership skills and willingness to serve without hesitation. Congratulations! 

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