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January 2018 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes an officer whose continued professionalism and dedication to providing peace of mind exhibits the core values of Signal 88. Join us this month in recognizing Officer Joshua Rogers for his quick thinking and coolness in a fiery situation.

Officer Rogers was conducting an interior patrol of a multi-family residential complex around midnight when, with a keen eye, he observed smoke rising from the upper floors of an apartment building. He called 911 and Signal 88’s 24-hour dispatch to report the growing emergency.

Firefighters would need access to the rear of the building to knock down the blaze, but access was blocked by two gates, welded shut. Officer Rogers anticipated this problem and alerted the 911 dispatcher so first responders could be prepared. This information, provided in advance, saved critical time in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Because of Officer Rogers’ poise under pressure, firefighters limited the damage to a single apartment, and there were no reported injuries. Emergency crews’ quick response made it possible for maintenance personnel to fix a water line that burst during the fire, preventing more serious and expensive property damage.

Officer Rogers’ reports were complete and meticulous, including photographs of the scene, which will be useful to investigators and to the property managers as they file insurance claims.

Joshua, thank you for your professionalism and calm response to a dangerous situation. Your swift reaction protected residents from injury or death and prevented catastrophic damage to the apartment building. You are an asset to your community and to Signal 88 Security!

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