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January 2019 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Officer Karl Pollitt of Signal 88 Security of Columbus is January 2019's Officer of the Month. The following comes from his supervisor, John Corsell:

Recently, #219 Columbus, OH, received 4 signed contracts on the same day. These contracts consisted of one dedicated site and three patrol sites, adding 540 runs per month to our current
patrol truck.

Until this point, the patrol truck was running 13 patrols per night, and the 2 officers working them were only on board for 3 or 4 months. Quickly we realized that taking the patrol vehicle from 13 runs per night to 33 runs per night, scattered all around Columbus, was going to be a daunting growth experience for our existing officers.

Our Columbus branch needed an experienced anchor in the truck that could share experience and strength.

Patrol Officer Karl Pollitt, celebrating one year with Signal 88 Security in Cincinnati, stepped up to the plate. Karl volunteered to commute 2 hours each way from Cincinnati to Columbus, four nights per week for several weeks, to assist in covering the additional hours on patrol and provide much needed training and support to the existing staff. He even answered the call one night when we had a call off in Columbus early in the shift. Karl took the call in Cincinnati at 9 pm and was in Columbus continuing the runsheet by 11 pm.

In addition, we offered Karl the position of Supervisor in Columbus, requiring him to pack up his family and move from Cincinnati to Columbus. Karl not only accepted the challenge of being the supervisor, but successfully found a place to live and moved to Columbus within a couple of weeks.

Needless to say that without the support and dedication of Karl, our expansion in Columbus would not have had the level of success we experienced. Our customers saw us take over their sites without a hitch or a missed run, and have been delivered a level of service only an experienced patrol officer can provide. The current officers in Columbus have been inspired by Karl’s training and leadership and have quickly come up to speed in executing a very challenging runsheet without sacrificing service.

Officer Pollitt is a deserving choice for the Officer of the Month title not only for going above and beyond in service to his team — though that in itself would have sufficed. He has also earned this award because his grit and work ethic have allowed him to embrace the career path that each Signal 88 franchise should aspire to offer its best people. Karl, we are proud of you, and you are a valuable and valued part of our brand!

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