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February 2021 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

When it comes to being a humble leader, Officer Oj Mau Leiataua of Signal 88 #55 Anchorage Patrol Division is one of the best. 

“For core values, honesty and integrity: he nails them on a regular basis,” said Samantha Bailey, Leiataua’s manager. 

For his leadership, Officer Leiataua has been awarded the February 2021 Officer of the Month award.

Bailey said Leiataua has made a point to build relationships with the four team members he oversees, always checking on them and asking how they are doing, and asking how he can support them. In addition, Leiataua ensures that his team is ready for their shifts, and maintains communication throughout the shift making sure that all officers are on track to successfully complete their run sheets, calling to check on them. 

He is also one to own up to his own mistakes, as well as understanding his position as a leader, to not shift blame to his employees when they make a mistake, too.

“If there is a hiccup on his shift, he takes the credit for it, as the leader. He doesn’t degrade his team members,” she said. 

When Leiataua himself made an error in counting patrols during a shift, he gathered his team members and admitted his mistake by telling them “I am human, and I made a mistake.”

Bailey said when there is a problem, Leiataua will present her with solutions, not problems.

“He definitely shows passion for the job and the community. He is a fantastic employee,” she said. 

Congratulations, Officer Leiataua! Your dedication to Signal 88’s core values and performance have earned you the Officer of the Month award!

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