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February 2018 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes an officer whose continued professionalism and dedication to providing peace of mind exhibits the core values of Signal 88. Join us this month in recognizing Officer Shawn McKenzie of Signal 88 Security of Albuquerque, for his dedication and continued professionalism.

Officer McKenzie has been an outstanding officer that sets the highest of standards, having quickly become the most proficient security officer for Signal 88 Security of Albuquerque. Because of his performance Albuquerque promoted McKenzie to a Level 2 Officer, which in New Mexico is a highly trained officer who specializes in deescalation tactics and the use mace, handcuffs and a baton.

As a Level 2 Officer, McKenzie's dedicated post has proven one of the highest for criminal activity in the Albuquerque area. Being on one of the hardest posts to have as an officer, McKenzie has shown the integrity and dedication to the job and company that few others have. McKenzie has been a steady and professional officer, always performing to an exceptional level, and set the standards for other officers to achieve.

Shawn, we thank you for your dedication to your position and providing peace of mind for the Albuquerque community.

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