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August 2018 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security
August 2018's Officer of the Month is Officer Matt Biondi of Signal 88 Security of Octorara, PA.
Officer Biondi was performing an overnight patrol of a client property when he noticed a stomach-turning smell.
That smell was mercaptan, the rotten-egg-smelling chemical added to natural gas to make leaks detectable. 
Scouting the building's perimeter for the source of the odor, he encountered a hissing noise coming from a large propane tank next to the building.
He immediately evacuated the area and called 911, who arrived on the scene only minutes later. Using special tools, they secured the leak and resolved the situation without any injury to people or property. 
Officer Biondi's careful observation helped detect a big problem, and his quick thinking helped to solve it. This undetected gas leak could have potentially resulted in disaster.
As with all Signal 88 patrols, Officer Biondi submitted a digital report for the client through our mobile technology suite, 88Edge. His report of this incident — plus the other patrol duties he performed after the issue was safely resolved — is exemplary. His thorough and professional work exemplifies the Signal 88 difference.
Officer Biondi, congratulations on a job well done and this well-deserved award! You are an asset to the Octorara community and to the Signal 88 Security network!

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