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April 2021 Officer of the Month

Signal 88 Security

When the moment came, Officer Va For did not hesitate to go above and beyond.

When a customer collapsed to the floor in the Walmart checkout lane, Signal 88 Security Officer Va Lor didn’t hesitate to help. Va was on his lunch break from patrolling outside the store in Anchorage, Alaska, when he saw a crowd gathering around the woman unresponsive and turning blue. Va bolted to her aid.

 Va directed his Signal 88 partner inside the store to stay on the phone with paramedics. Va then followed the medical professionals’ instructions and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the woman. CPR-certified before he joined Signal 88, Va was only a few months into his dedicated vehicle guard position at the busy Walmart.

“Va jumped right in because most everyone else around the woman was in a panic mode,” Abby Sauia, #55 Anchorage Supervisor says. “The paramedics were on the phone guiding him through the CPR process to make sure that everything was okay until they arrived on site and took over. 

Later when Abby talked with Va about his quick-action efforts to keep the woman alive, Va shared his assessment of the medical emergency. “I was nervous,” Va says, “but I didn’t want to show that I was nervous because someone’s life was in my hands. I just tried to maintain my focus.”

Va is the kind of patrol officer that keeps his cool under pressure and values helping out wherever he’s needed most. For the Christmas holidays, he volunteered to take extra shifts. Abby describes him as “always a team player.”

When the #55 Anchorage management team nominated Va for April Officer of the Month, they wrote:

“Va has shown true passion for those who live in our community, our client and the company. Va is a prime example of serving and leadership.”

Va thank you for helping save this Walmart customer’s life and thank for being there for your Anchorage Signal 88 team. You are well deserving of Officer of the Month.

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