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How to Maximize Security for your HOA Pool

Signal 88 Security

Any community manager or HOA board can tell you that pool season brings its fair share of headaches and hassles…and we don’t just mean sunburns.

As a rule, neighborhood pools seem to attract some of the wildest and most accident-prone members of the neighborhood.

It’s important to keep your common areas safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. Whether your patrons are rowdy youngsters or an older, calmer bunch.

Signal 88 Security is here to provide pool lockup services for HOAs all summer long.

Download our Pool Monitoring and Lock Ups Flyer to learn more.

Signal 88 officers on scheduled patrols can ensure that the pool is vacant and the gate is locked every night. Combined with perimeter checks for clubhouses and locker rooms, that’s a recipe for summertime safety.

But our promise would be hollow if you couldn’t verify it. After all, if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t the one we’ll be kicking out of the pool every night. Most of our clients never see a Signal 88 patrol in action!

That’s why Signal 88 offers unequaled transparency and accountability features based around our 88Edge mobile app.

We’ll place a digital, searchable report in your inbox after every shift. Any incident or hazard is fully reported. These comprehensive reports include GPS tracking, timestamp data, and photos.

Signal 88 patrols also make rounds throughout the night, ensuring that rogue swimmers haven’t jumped the fence after hours. Randomized patrols in vehicles and on foot deter would-be trespassers.

Our work prevents tragedies — that's most important. But secondarily, apartments and HOAs have seen tremendous savings in liability insurance when roving patrols guard their pool overnight.

Signal 88 also offers pool monitoring during daytime hours. While your residents enjoy the summer sun, we can provide “land-based peace of mind” — that is, not lifeguarding — by assisting with access control, glass control, pet control, and more.

Our community-based officers are trained to do what it takes to be helpful. Through our reporting capabilities, Signal 88 officers can alert staff to maintenance issues or safety hazards. Some Signal 88 franchises have even been certified for pool chemical testing!

Signal 88 can offer such a wide array of services because the core of our business is one-to-one customer service.

Each franchise in our global network is independently owned and operated. When you call your local Signal 88, you’ll be in touch with a team of security experts who truly want to know and serve your neighborhood and HOA.

If you’re ready to dive in, download our Pool Monitoring and Lock Ups Flyer to learn more.

Signal 88 Security pool monitoring and lockup flyer

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