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March 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

On the night of March 4th, the quick-thinking, courage and selflessness of Officer Brandon Bennett of Signal 88 Security of Atlanta prevented what could have been a major tragedy. And for that, he has been named Signal 88 Security's Hero of the Month for March. Hero - March.jpg

While traveling between patrol routes, Officer Bennett came upon a two vehicle accident. As one of the first persons on the scene, Officer Bennett immediately called 911 and checked those involved in the accident for potential injuries. Thankfully, no one was in need of immediate medical assistance, however one of the vehicles involved had flames coming from the engine compartment. 

The driver of that particular vehicle was not able to exit, and Officer Bennett's quick-reaction and awareness of the situation at hand, came to their assistance. With his assistance, Officer Bennett was able to safely remove the driver from the vehicle and guided them to a safe location until the area was rendered clear by firefighting personnel. Officer Bennett's quick-thinking and reactions without thought of his own personal safety proved to be paramount in averting what very well could have been a major tragedy. 

Officer Bennett represents the highest standards of a Signal 88 Security Officer. We thank him for displaying courage and an outstanding performance while maintaining Signal 88 operational standards. 

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