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January 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

On the night of January 18th, Officer Jason Gil of Signal 88 Security of The Woodlands & East Houston became a hero. 

Around 3:00am Officer Gil, the patrolling officer on duty heard the shattering of a window, and it was then that he witnessed an attempted vehicle break-in on the property in front of the hotel that he was patrolling. Upon arriving on the scene, Officer Gil observed two male individuals in hoodies running to a nearby gray minivan. Immediately, Officer Gil was on the phone with local law enforcement to relay what he had witnessed and to ask for assistance. Within minutes law enforcement arrived on seen to address the issue. Hero - January.jpg

This instance was a significant development, as the week prior a black Yukon was broken into on the same property. Once law enforcement arrived on scene, they approached the van and the occupants inside, bringing Officer Gil with them to assist in identifying the potential suspects. It is unknown whether or not the potential suspects were taken into custody, but the vigilance and quick response of Officer Gil led to the stop of a vehicle break-in, as well as a possible lead to a previous break-in the week prior. 

We thank Officer Gil for displaying courage and an outstanding performance while maintaining Signal 88 operations standards. 

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