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February 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

On the night of February 11th, Officer Brian Tejada of Signal 88 Security of York, Pennsylvania became a hero. While covering a patrol route for a fellow officer who fell ill, Officer Tejada came upon a very large party at the apartment complex he was patrolling. Officer Tejada attempted to quiet the party to a reasonable level, and although the cooperation from the party goers wasn't ideal, continued to follow our Signal 88 protocol. Hero - Feb.jpg

After multiple attempts to quiet the party, Officer Tejada contacted local law enforcement to assist in shutting down the party. Before local law enforcement could arrive on scene, the party attendees began filing out of the apartment, and it was in the main lobby of the complex that Officer Tejada came across young individual who was heavily intoxicated and ill. Officer Tejada spoke with those who were with the young individual to get reassurance that they would be able to take care of him, and get him home safely. However, it was moments later while still patrolling the complex that Officer Tejada came across the same individual in an alley way laying on his side unconscious. 

Officer Tejada immediately checked for a pulse, and being certified in CPR training, began chest compressions on the individual. After his third round of chest compressions, the individual coughed and came to consciousness. It was at this same time that local law enforcement and medical assistance arrived to assist the individual, who was now consious and verbal, to take him to the hospital for further evaluation. 

Because of Officer Tejada's diligence, calm demeanor and quick reaction to a critical situation he was able to save a young individual's life. We thank Officer Tejada for displaying courage and an outstanding performance while maintaining Signal 88 operations standards. 

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