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April 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

On the night of April 5th, Officer Danielle Pierce of Signal 88 Security of Champaign, Illinois became a Hero. 

A little after midnight on April 5th, Officer Pierce was at the Circle K gas station in Champaign, Illinois. While speaking with an Urbana Police Officer about one of the franchise's properties, Officer Pierce noticed a yellow glow out of her peripheral vision. She turned in time to see a man pour gas from a one gallon gas can onto a pump that he had lit on fire. At this time, Officer Pierce pointed to the pump and advised the clerk and Urbana Polic Officer of the situation at hand. 

The Urbana Police Officer began a foot pursuit of the subject, and Officer Pierce instructed the panicking attendant to push the emergency stop on the pumps. Meanwhile, as the police officer gave chase to the suspect he radioed in the local fire department for assistance. Even though local law enforcement weren't able to apprehend the suspect right away, Officer Pierce was able to provide them with a detailed discription in an effort to locate them. 

Due to Officer Pierce's situational awareness and cool under pressure, the Circle K gas station was saved from extensive damage. Her quick thinking also prevented a possible explosion, that could have resulted in serious injury or much worse. Officer Pierce is a credit to her profession, and Signal 88 Security. 

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