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April 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

On April 12th, Officer Cooley of Signal 88 Security of Mobile, Alabama, became a Hero. While working at Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, Officer Cooley of Signal 88 Security was working the emergency room assignment. An individual was transported to the ER and the EMT’s advised the ER staff that the man was combative and under the influence. Officer Cooley observed the man grab a nurse’s arm and begin to twist it at the point where he needed to take control of the situation. HoM - Cooley.png

During a struggle with Officer Cooley, the suspect scratched Officer Cooley on the face. Using techniques gained from his experience with the military, police department and security, Officer Cooley was able to apprehend and detain the suspect. ER supervisors meanwhile spoke with the suspect trying to calm him down as Officer Cooley held him in an effort to prevent him from hurting himself or staff. Eventually, ER staff advised Officer Cooley to release the suspect at which time he did, and the suspect fled the scene, leaving behind his wallet and phone, later used to identify him. Police responded to the scene and wrote a report on the incident and praised Officer Cooley for his actions, and preventing anyone from being injured.

The operations manager for the hospital contacted General Manager, Justin Farmer and advised him that Officer Cooley couldn’t have handled the situation better. We thank him for displaying courage and an outstanding performance while maintaining Signal 88 operational standards. 

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