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September 2019 Hero of the Month

Officer Kasie Harrison: Signal 88 Security of Charlotte, NC

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to name Officer Kasie Harrison of #44 Charlotte, NC, as the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for September 2019.

As a Lead Security Officer for the local Charlotte security firm, Harrison was out conducting patrol security for an apartment community when she suddenly heard shots from behind one of the buildings.

Residents immediately fled the area, but Officer Harrison courageously pushed forth, questioning bystanders about what they saw. Harrison quickly learned that someone had been shot, when an additional gun shot sounded again.

Harrison acted on her training and instincts, taking precautionary steps to control the scene so she could safely locate and assist the injured victims. As Harrison rounded the building, she found two victims on the ground with substantial gun wounds. She instantly called 911, and while police and EMS were locating the premises, she grabbed any medical tools available and made a tourniquet for one of the victims.

Police and EMS took control of the scene as Officer Harrison stayed with the hurt victims, continuing to assist law enforcement by utilizing first aid, accounting for a third injured party on the scene, and helping to control the public.

Lead Officer Kasie Harrison is an extremely valuable part of her team, known for her perseverance and dedication to the job, and for instilling Signal 88’s Peace of Mind motto. Kasie is said to inspire the new personnel that join the Charlotte team; to work to the best of their ability and become leaders, a role in which Kasie is experienced.

Signal 88 is happy to partner with heroes like Kasie Harrison who stand tall in serving their communities through passion and purpose!

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