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October 2019 Hero of the Month

Officer Mike Otto: Albuquerque, New Mexico #176

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security’s Hero of the Month for October 2019 is Officer Mike Otto of Signal 88 Security of Albuquerque, NM!

This honor goes to a Signal 88 Security officer who acts without hesitation to create peace of mind. Frequently this spirit of service is needed outside of client sites, as is the case this month.

Officer Otto was on a routine patrol, traveling from site to site, when he encountered a multi-vehicle car accident. He stepped up as a first responder, using his high-visibility Patrol Vehicle to steer traffic away from the wreck until police could arrive. Once on the scene, Otto administered emergency care and ensured there were no critical injuries.

An Albuquerque police officer arrived at the scene, but Officer Otto stayed to direct traffic and ensure the safety of all involved — the policeman, accident victims, and passersby. Once a second police officer arrived, Otto continued his overnight security patrol rounds.

His supervisor, Jim Cusic, says Otto “has been an outstanding officer that sets the highest of standards.” He has only been an Albuquerque security officer for two months. but “he has always performed exceptionally.” Otto has earned a reputation within the local New Mexico security team for steadiness and professionalism.

Signal 88 Security’s mission is to provide peace of mind, and Officer Mike Otto fulfilled this promise. His training, professionalism, and commitment to our Core Values enabled him to play an important role in creating peace of mind.


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