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November Hero 2017 of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes a hero who went above and beyond in providing peace of mind for members of their community. This month, join us in recognizing the heroism of Officer David Pitts of Signal 88 Security of Tulsa.

Seven hours into a routine nightly shift at an apartment complex, Officer Pitts was approached by a resident whose mother was showing symptoms of cardiac distress. Pitts immediately called for paramedics. While waiting for an ambulance to arrive, the victim began vomiting and had trouble breathing, two signs of a major heart attack. Pitts moved the victim onto her side, cleared her airway, and continued providing first aid until EMS arrived on site.

One of Signal 88’s core values is to serve our communities without hesitation. Officer Pitts’ actions exemplify this value. His presence as a first responder provided peace of mind, but most importantly, his quick thinking and professionalism in a stressful situation led to a safe outcome and likely saved a life.

David, we are honored to work with heroes like you!

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