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November 2020 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 is excited to announce Levi Mitchell of Signal 88 Security of Tulsa has been named Hero of the Month for exemplifying the company’s core values of honesty and integrity, relationships, and service. 

While many of our heroes are recognized for a physical act of courage, Levi has been spotlighted due to the kindness and compassion he demonstrates daily while providing security services to the Tulsa, Okla., branch of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. 

“Levi has proven to be extremely capable, hard-working, and compassionate in his role,” said Caramie Miskelly, Guest Services Manager of the Comprehensive Care and Research Center, where Levi provides security. “He is an excellent officer – very detail oriented, professional, and skilled in our security needs. He is absolutely wonderful with our staff – polite, respectful, and always eager to help wherever he can be of service.” 

Caramie highlighted just one of many instances where Levi has gone above and beyond his security duties to provide a kindness for the patients in the facility. 

Recently, a patient received a large box in the mail, and Levi offered to take the box upstairs to the patient’s room. The box contained a disassembled walker, so Levi offered to stay and assemble the walker for the patient. After the new walker was assembled, he offered to return the patient’s loaner walker to the rehab unit of the hospital.

“By delivering the package, assembling the walker, and returning the loaner – Levi lifted three burdens off our patient,” Caramie said. “For a sick person, those are invaluable gestures of kindness.” 

Way to go, Levi! To the patients and staff you serve, you are a true hero and demonstrate the core values Signal 88 Security hopes to give all of our clients. Well done.

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