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November 2019 Hero of the Month

Officer Michael Greenwood: Signal 88 Security of Greater Philadelphia #99

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is happy to announce that Officer Michael Greenwood of #99 Greater Philadelphia, PA, is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for November 2019.

Last month when Michael was completing his patrols, he was approached by a pedestrian who seemed interested in talking to him. Michael was in the process of exiting his patrol vehicle as the man was nearing, when out of nowhere, the man punched Officer Greenwood!

Before Michael could recover, the man then jumped into the patrol vehicle in an attempt to steal it. Officer Greenwood was a step ahead. Using his perseverance and fast thinking to fight the man off, Michael successfully blocked him from getting inside the vehicle.

But as Officer Greenwood began to try and apprehend him, the man proceeded to fight back, continuing to assault Michael. The man fled the scene as law enforcement arrived, and police began to tend to Officer Greenwood’s health.

We never hope that one of our own should have to undergo situations like this. But because of Michael’s integrity to the job and his driving passion to serve his community, Officer Greenwood succeeded at keeping everyone safe and prevented a potential theft.

Signal 88 tremendously thanks Officer Greenwood for his actions! Without hesitation, Michael utilized his skills to protect his community. It’s officers like Michael Greenwood that continue to put our Serving core value into effect.

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