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November 2018 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to announce Officer Deirdre Johnson of Signal 88 Security of Lafayette as our Hero of the Month.

On the night of November 7th while patrolling one of her regular properties, Officer Johnson encountered a family in need of assistance during a dispute. A young child was involved and was in the presence of an older sibling that was in need of help from local EMT's.

Johnson was able to approach the older sibling at the apartment and coax the person to let the younger sibling be reunited with their mother and out of harms way. Deirdre was then able to connect the EMT's with the older sibling to get the assistance they needed.

Officer Johnson put herself in harms way to reunite a child with their mother and another with the assistance they needed. Thank you for your service, Dierdre, and representing Signal 88 Security!

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