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May 2020 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to announce that Officer Brandon Sexton of #236 Knoxville, TN is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for May 2020. 

Officer Sexton was on duty at a client property when he witnessed a theft in progress. He parked his patrol vehicle outside the building’s front doors. Out those same doors came the thief.

Inside, the store’s asset protection team tried to block the perp from getting away, but he pushed them out of the way and made a break for the front door.

Outside the store, Sexton saw a father and young child just about to enter — just as the thief was about to burst out the door. Foreseeing a collision and fearing injury for the child, Sexton ran in front of the family, taking the hit and protecting the little boy.

The robber dashed into the parking lot and drove away, but Sexton managed to record the license plate number on the getaway car.

Officer Sexton has been part of the Southwest Houston team since February 2020. He is described as a passionate and energetic person who creates great working relationships. 

“He goes above and beyond no matter what,” says franchise operations manager Brandon Skroch. "I know that he’s passionate about his job and he’s always ready to get out there.

Shortly after the dustup, the store’s asset protection manager contacted the Southwest Houston franchise, thanking them for Officer Sexton’s actions.

“We were very thankful that Officer Sexton was there and for going above and beyond his duties to save that little child from harm,” the asset protection store manager said. 

Says Skroch: “He handled it how we would train others to handle it. We aren’t cops. We’re here to protect property assets and customers.”

The Houston team says that Officer Sexton embodied Signal 88’s Core Value of Passion perfectly in this situation. 

“I would combine all of our Core Values together to describe him, but mostly passion,” says Skroch. "He’s humble and has a strong sense of integrity for his work."

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