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May 2019 Hero of the Month

Matthew Pyles: Signal 88 Security of Columbus, OH

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is thrilled to name Officer Matt Pyles of #219 Columbus, OH, as the Signal 88 Hero of the Monthfor May 2019.



Officer Pyles has been busy. Several weeks ago, he took quick action to extinguish a fire in a car that had half-empty gas cans in the trunk.

The award goes to Matt this month, however, for his life-saving actions as a medical first responder.

Officer Pyles was assigned to a post at a construction site just across the Ohio River in Covington, KY. During a break period he went across the road to a Wendy’s restaurant.

Entering the restroom, he heard a commotion inside one of the stalls, and then noticed that its occupant had fallen on the floor.

Matthew asked a couple of times if the person was okay and, getting no response, he looked under the stall. There he noticed a man lying on the floor with a hypodermic needle dangling from his arm.

Immediately he directed restaurant staff to call 911, and then crawled under the door, unlocked it, and pulled the unconscious man out of the stall.

Matthew pulled the needle out of his arm, raised up his head, and checked for a pulse. Finding no pulse, Matthew started chest compressions until the man’s pulse was restored. At that point, an employee arrived with Narcan, a medication that reverses opioid overdoses. Matthew administered the shot and, shortly thereafter, an EMS team arrived and took the person to the hospital.

Once again, Matthew’s quick thinking and level head ensured the best possible outcome. The entire Signal 88 network is grateful and proud to have a teammate like Officer Matthew Pyles, who continually provides peace of mind in dire situations. Matthew, we are proud of you and congratulate you on this honor!

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