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March 2018 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security’s Hero of the Month for March 2018 is Nathan McCracken of Signal 88 Security of Greater Detroit and Flint.

McCracken was conducting a routine perimeter check of an apartment property in the western suburbs of Detroit. While ensuring that the leasing office was locked and secure, he heard shouts and yells coming from the distance.

He raced toward the noise and found a man standing over a woman in a rage, holding her to the ground and assaulting her. McCracken made his presence known, which was enough to stop the immediate violence.

The two people went to an apartment unit and continued their fight. McCracken called local law enforcement and, when they arrived, led them to the unit.

McCracken’s thorough witness statement and reports helped the police investigate and ultimately arrest the man, who was found to have been carrying a knife.

Officer McCracken could have pretended not to hear the screaming in the distance. He could have run away from the situation or merely called police from afar. Instead, he ran where he was needed, and his action truly saved a life.

Nathan, we are honored to work alongside you! We are inspired by your courage and commitment to providing peace of mind!

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