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March 2021 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is thrilled to name Officer Ridge Hanks of Signal 88 Security of Lafayette, as its March 2021 Hero of the Month!

Officer Ridge Hanks of Signal 88 of Lafayette, La. is a father of three young children. Maybe it was the thought of his little ones at home that nudged him to circle back to the apartment of the single mother and her newborn baby. Perhaps it was a combination of instinct and training. In the end, Ridge’s decision-making and determination the evening of February 24, 2021 helped save two lives 

That night, while on duty as the #156 Signal 88 Team Lead at a large apartment complex, Ridge encountered a man saying he needed to get back into his apartment. The guy explained that he had an argument with his girlfriend and she had his apartment keys.

So Ridge checked the rent roll but did not see the man’s name listed. Next, Ridge contacted the property manager to verify if the man’s name was on the lease. He was not. Ridge contacted the police to help the man re-enter the apartment. But the man disappeared by the time the police arrived.

Ridge checked on the young mother in the apartment and she explained that her boyfriend, the father of her baby, had been threatening her lately. She did not want him back in the apartment. Ridge then called the police again to alert them to the boyfriend’s behavior.

The boyfriend returned again to the apartment and the police made a second trip out to the apartment complex. Ridge accompanied the boyfriend and the police officer into the apartment. While the boyfriend was packing up things in the bedroom, the couple talked and apparently worked out their differences. The young mother explained that she was letting the boyfriend stay with her. 

But Ridge could tell something was amiss. The woman looked upset and scared. When the police officer left, Ridge remained outside the building keeping an eye on the apartment.

“When I stepped away from the apartment, the couple went to the bedroom and he pushed her onto the bed and pulled a gun on her while she had her baby in her arms,” Ridge explains. “He had the gun shoved up against her lower stomach, but she managed to get a video of this on her phone.”

About 10 minutes later the boyfriend left and Ridge returned to check on the woman and her baby. Ridge called the Lafayette police again and the girlfriend showed the police the video and the boyfriend’s threatening texts. They took her statement and left. Where did the boyfriend go?

“He showed back up in the complex about 11:30 that night and I blocked his vehicle in with our unit and called the police,” Ridge continues. “They came immediately and arrested him without any unnecessary force. And they had found his weapon.”

Ridge’s preserving response that evening makes him a stellar choice for March Hero of the Month.

“Ridge is a lifesaver. He saved two lives going above and beyond like he did. He listened to his  instinct, that inner voice. He didn’t give up and just let things go,” Mark Roddy, Ridge’s Lead Supervisor explains. “They say you can listen to your head or you can listen to your heart. Ridge listened to his heart telling him that something just wasn’t right.”

Mark also commends Ridge for working hard to keep the apartment residents safe and partnering well with the Lafayette police department.

“Ridge has a good rapport with the residents and a good relationship with the police department,” Mark adds. “They know that if he calls, we’ve got something going down and we need their assistance. The police know that we’ve got their back and we know that they’ve got our back.”

Thank you, Ridge, for not giving up on this young woman and her baby. Thank you for working as a seamless team with the Lafayette police. Congratulations on earning Hero of the Month!

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