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June 2019 Hero of the Month

Jacob Baker: Signal 88 Security of Arlington Heights, IL

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is excited to name Officer Jacob Bakerof #170 Arlington Heights, IL, as the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for June 2019.

Baker serves the Chicagoland franchise as a Supervisor. One night in late June, he was waved down by a distressed resident during a routine patrol at a multifamily property.

The resident alerted him to a suspicious subject lurking in the woods behind the building. Supervisor Baker responded to the area and heard loud crashing and running in the forested area. He notified local law enforcement immediately, and then followed the sound through the woods to further direct the police response.

Approaching the source of the noise, Baker saw a man dragging another by his collar into the woods! He directed police officers to the area, and both people were successfully detained for further investigation.

Supervisor Baker remained on scene to assist police when a third person appeared, opened a police car with a detainee inside, and freed him from police custody. Both subjects fled the scene before police could block their escape.

The escapee was no match for Baker, however, who pursued him and assisted police in his apprehension. Finally, the police secured the subjects, thanks in large part to Baker’s quick action and fleet feet.

Resuming the investigation at last, police found a large amount of narcotics in one of the subject’s vehicles.

Supervisor Jake Baker’s commitment to duty prevented further violence and was instrumental in the apprehension of a drug dealer on the property of a valued client. Disregarding his own safety, he ran towards a dangerous situation and assisted in apprehending dangerous felons.

Though we wish such heroics were never necessary, Signal 88 is proud to partner with heroes like Jake Baker who stand tall in service to peace of mind!

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