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July 2019 Hero of the Month

Warren Dickover: Signal 88 Security of Columbus, OH

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is happy to announce that Officer Warren Dickover of #219 Columbus, OH, is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for July 2019.

Dickover deserves the title of hero after he helped control a crash scene and save a woman from her flipped car.

Officer Dickover was just a few blocks from arriving at his post when the SUV in front of him made a wrong turn and hit another vehicle going through the intersection. The hit caused the second car to flip over, trapping the driver inside.

Dickover pulled off to the side of the road and immediately got out to check on both the drivers. After confirming they were physically okay, he found that the flipped car was leaking gas and the driver needed to get out.

Using his problem-solving skills, Dickover figured that he could break the glass window on the driver’s door to safely get her out. He ran to his patrol vehicle and grabbed a blanket, returning to the woman and instructing her to cover her eyes. Officer Dickover then used his strength to break open the window, while an additional person arrived to help.

Dickover and the bystander worked together as he cut the woman’s seatbelt with his knife and assisted her out of the vehicle, over the broken glass, and onto the blanket. As Officer Dickover was resolving the issue, EMS and the fire department arrived on scene and relieved him of his duties.

Officer Dickover’s commitment to serving and peace of mind is what makes him a Signal 88 Hero. He showed great resolution skills and instilled peace of mind in the people he served and the surrounding community.

Signal 88 is proud to partner with heroes like Warren Dickover who stand tall in their service to others!

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