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July 2018 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Chestnut Hill is an idyllic neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia. Regarded as the "Garden District" of the city, its leafy streets are lined with stately mansions and well-kept parks. Each October, literature fans and aspiring wizards convene in Chestnut Hill for the annual Harry Potter Festival. It's a dreamy and peaceful enclave in one of America's finest cities.

On July 17, a fire disturbed that peace at Chestnut Hill's hospital, where Signal 88 Security of Greater Philadelphia provides dedicated security. During and after the blaze, the Signal 88 officers on site turned chaos to order, providing peace of mind for hospital patients, staff, and visitors.

Officer Daniel Gatlin stands out for his heroic rapid response through smoke and fire. His bravery allowed the Philadelphia Fire Department to get direct access to the fire. They put it out quickly, before it could spread further.

In an email after the event, a hospital vice president expressed his appreciation: "The team did an outstanding job, not only responding to the initial alarm, managing the situation and post-fire watch coverage. I am very proud of the team and today is no exception."

Each member of the team deserves praise. In a special way, we recognize Daniel Gatlin for putting service over self and acting courageously to protect others. We are proud of you, Daniel!

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