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January 2018 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes a hero who went above and beyond in providing peace of mind. This month, join us in recognizing the heroism of Officer Hayden Pepper of Signal 88 Security of Wichita, Kansas.

Officer Pepper began a routine patrol at a shopping center in northwestern Wichita around 5:30 am. He noticed a suspicious truck parked outside a hardware store, and got out to investigate on foot. Just then, a man ran from the building and into the truck. The man put the truck into gear and drove straight ahead in Pepper’s direction at a high rate of speed, making no attempt to steer away. 2018020895195658.jpg

Pepper dove out of the way at the last moment and escaped uninjured as the suspect fled. He called local law enforcement, providing them with license plate information and a description of the suspect. He then continued his foot patrol, finding a broken window and evidence of theft, and secured the scene until authorities arrived.

Officer Pepper found himself in harm’s way, but his composure in a dangerous situation ensured that police have the information they need to bring the suspect to justice. This dedication to service in action is no surprise to those who know Hayden, and a hallmark of what sets Signal 88 Security apart.

Hayden, we are honored to work with heroes like you!

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