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January 2020 Hero of the Month

Officer Jeffery McGrath: Signal 88 Security of Phoenix, AZ

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is happy to announce that Officer Jeffery McGrath of #184 Phoenix, AZ, is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for January 2020.

While conducting a patrol one evening at a multi-family property, Officer McGrath suddenly heard screaming from one of the properties buildings. Officer McGrath started running toward the commotion, and he discovered smoke billowing out from the windows.

As Officer McGrath immediately began to evacuate the building’s residents, a woman was searching for her dog in the haze of smoke. She began to cough harshly as Officer McGrath located her and her dog, quickly directing them to leave the premises. 

After successfully clearing the building, Officer McGrath discovered the fire had started from a stove in one of the resident’s kitchens. He approached the scene with caution, using a fire extinguisher to douse the heavy flames. 

Outside, a resident had already called 911and fire and police personnel immediately arrived on the scene as Officer McGrath exited the building. He updated fire personnel and began tracking all of the evacuated residents. The fire department then conducted a fire assessment and ensured the scene was clear. 

Officer McGrath began to take note that many residents were complaining about the lack of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors the building supplies. He contacted emergency maintenance and explained the fire crisis, along with the steps that could be taken to ensure better resident safety in the future. Emergency maintenance was able to respond the next morning to reassess the building and resident’s needs.

Signal 88 Security would like to say a big thank you to Officer Jeffery McGrath! We are proud to have officers like him who value a drive to serve their community with passion.

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