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January 2019 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Officer Michael Bowman of Signal 88 Security of Colorado Springs is January 2019's Hero of the Month for saving the life of a Walmart customer in eastern Colorado Springs, CO.

When the customer collapsed and remained unresponsive, Michael called "code white" over the radios, then directed a customer standing nearby to call 911.

As emergency crews responded, Michael started CPR on the unconscious person for several minutes. EMS arrived on scene, and asked him to continue chest compression for another several minutes until their equipment was ready.

Eventually, paramedics took control and successfully revived the victim. Officer Bowman provided crowd control around the patient until the ambulance crew could remove the patient and bring him to the hospital. He then met with store management to give a full account of the events. His report from this shift is exemplary.

Officer Michael Bowman's quick thinking, decisive action, and physical endurance under duress saved a life. In honor of his heroism, we are thrilled to name him January's Hero of the Month.

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