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February 2020 Hero of the Month

Officer Durshawn Russell: Signal 88 Security of Orlando, FL

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to announce that Officer Durshawn Russell of #185 Orlando, FL, is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for February 2020.

As Officer Russell was completing a night patrol at a multi-family property, he received a noise complaint from one of the buildings units. He visited the complainant and witnessed the interruptions himself.

This led Officer Russell to approach the unit in question. Keeping caution, he inspected the door, as it was all beaten up and broken. He described it as looking like someone had taken a hammer to it.

The deteriorated door was left completely open, where Officer Russell came to find 3 children under the age of 8 all alone. The home was trashed with garbage and looked as if no one had been there for a while.

Officer Russell immediately took control of the scene, calling local law enforcement to the complex’s location. As the children remained secure under his watch, law enforcement searched the home and found multiple stolen merchandise items.

Because of Officer Russell’s will to take action and passion to serve without hesitation, he helped remove 3 children from an unsafe environment and represented giving peace of mind back to his community.

Signal 88 Security thanks Officer Russell for acting as a hero for his community. We are proud to have officers like you on our team!




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