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February 2019 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is proud to recognize Officer Kyle Orbinati of Signal 88 Security of Albuquerque, NM, as February 2019’s Hero of the Month.

His supervisor, Jim Cusic, calls him “an outstanding officer that sets the highest of standards.” Kyle is a fast learner, and quickly became one of Albuquerque’s most proficient officers. His managers say he is a steady and professional officer who always performs exceptionally. Many of his reports have assisted police nab criminals who cross his path.

Kyle’s post, at a local Circle K store, has been one of the busiest and most dangerous on the ABQ branch’s docket since Signal 88 began servicing the contract in December 2017. This is due to its location at the intersection of two well-traveled bus lines. According to Cusic, “the area is prime for violence, intoxication, and drug use.” On many occasions, Kyle has had to clear the parking lot of fights, panhandlers, and so on.

His post was upgraded to “Level 2,” a New Mexico state designation that requires three days of intense training in de-escalation procedures. The course also requires training in non-lethal weapons like mace and batons for defending oneself and others when de-escalation fails.

If this description sounds familiar, that’s because it is — February 2018’s Hero of the Month was also a Level 2 officer stationed at Circle K stores around the city, where he encountered some vibrant characters.

A Close Call

Only a few weeks ago, a pickup truck ran through the west side of the Circle K store (8745) where Kyle was stationed just inside the doors. The truck entered about 12 feet, reversed, and departed the area.

Kyle immediately jumped into action as the incident site commander. He got a description of the truck to include the license plate, called 911, and requested immediate emergency response. He then found a store employee with an injured leg. He provided first aid and assisted with the store reporting requirement.

Kyle assisted with getting the store’s gas and power turned off, and then helped Albuquerque Police gather evidence. He also assisted the store manager and Operations Manager that responded with securing the money and lottery tickets.

After the mayhem calmed down, Kyle assisted with the cleanup inside and out of the store and helped to board up the damaged wall.

Officer Orbinati, we are glad that you escaped this incident unharmed! We know that your actions were vital in providing peace of mind to the Circle K employees and customers, and to the whole community. We are proud of you, and proud to honor you as February’s Hero of the Month!

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