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December 2017 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Each month, Signal 88 Security recognizes a hero who went above and beyond in providing peace of mind for members of their community. This month, join us in recognizing the heroism of Officers Mike Babinski and Douglas Collier of Signal 88 Security of Mobile, Alabama.

En route to a scheduled patrol, Babinski and Collier arrived on the scene of a four-car accident. Officer Collier immediately contacted emergency services, directing them to the scene and providing crucial information for an effective response.

Officer Babinski raced to the SUV pinned in the center of the wreckage, which had started to fill with smoke. The driver was disoriented and slumped over; two young boys in the backseat had sustained facial injuries and were panicking. Officer Babinski entered the smoking car, pulled the passengers from the wreckage, and moved them a safe distance from the accident.

Together, the officers directed traffic to allow police and EMS room to arrive, conducted triage on the scene, and ensured the safety of everyone involved in the accident.

In a dangerous and dynamic situation, Officers Babinski and Collier showed true heroism. Without their calm and collected presence, the situation could have ended much differently.

Mike and Douglas, we are honored to work with heroes like you!

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