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December 2020 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Quick thinking and superb training saved a man’s life, which is why Signal 88 is proud to honor Daniel Cothran, a Field Supervisor with #233 Nashville, Tenn., as its December Hero of the Month. 

On December 16, 2020, Daniel was on his way to conduct a routine patrol of a multifamily property just southeast of Nashville. As he turned the corner,he witnessed a man being shot by two suspects, who then fled the scene. 

Seeing the victim bleeding in the parking lot, Daniel stopped and made sure the scene was secure from any other threats. Recalling his emergency medical training, Daniel contacted police and emergency services, and then immediately began life-saving measures of CPR to restore breathing and a heartbeat to the gunshot victim. He continued CPR compressions until medics and law enforcement arrived to take over. 

Unfortunately, emergency personnel on the scene told Daniel they didn’t think the gunshot victim would make it, but were unable to pronounce him deceased until a doctor could make that determination. 

Emergency personnel on the scene told Daniel they didn’t think the gunshot victim would survive, but they sped him to the hospital for urgent care. Since then, news reports have indicated that the victim is in critical condition, but alive! Daniel’s supervisor, Robert Betterton, Jr., said his officer’s quick action most likely saved the victim’s life, and credited Daniel and the Signal 88 community. 

This was the second incident in seven days where Betterton said his officers have been caught in the midst of gunfire in the same area. 

“In both situations, these guys have handled themselves in a very professional manner, and in my opinion have represented us well,” he said. 

Congratulations, Daniel Cothran, for this honor, and thank you for keeping a cool head in a tricky situation. We wish you the best, and the man you saved a speedy recovery!

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