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December 2019 Hero of the Month

Officer Shane Williamson: Signal 88 Security of Northeast Ohio #125

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is happy to announce that Officer Shane Williamson of #125 Northeast Ohio is the Signal 88 Hero of the Month for December 2019.

One of the benefits of working in private security is that our success yields safety and peace of mind for our community. This isn’t done on our own, of course, but through teamwork between local law enforcement and Signal 88 Security officers. Officer Williamson experienced that partnership firsthand.

Williamson was completing an overnight security patrol for a Cleveland-area multifamily property when he found a man physically assaulting a woman in the parking lot.

Immediately, Officer Williamson called local police, reporting the violence and ready to act in case of any escalation.

Williamson, unwilling to merely stand by, relied on his training and approached the situation with a creative move. He approached the assault in his patrol SUV, using his vehicle’s takedown and alley lights to illuminate the car and stop the violence.

Police quickly arrived and found the scene quickly thanks to the high-visibility Signal 88 patrol vehicle and its flashing lights. They took control of the scene and moved the victim to safety. She was soon able to give a full report; Officer Williamson’s report is thorough and clear, which will help police and lawyers do justice.

The result of Officer Williamson’s action was the man’s arrest on charges of domestic violence, and recognition from the local police department for integrity and good performance.

“I want to reach out and give Shane Williamson kudos for a job well done,” reads an email from the local police department. “While patrolling last night, he observed a male force a female into a car. He stopped them from leaving and contacted us. Our investigation led to the male's arrest for domestic violence. I wanted to make you aware of his good performance and thank you for the assistance.”

Signal 88 Security sends their kudos to Officer Williamson too! We thank him for his quick action in service to the community.

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