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December 2018 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is pleased to recognize Officer Chris Hamman of Signal 88 Security of Tulsa, OK, as December's Hero of the Month.

Officer Hamman has provided peace of mind with the Tulsa franchise for over four years. Officer Hamman was dispatched to an apartment property where a worried resident had called about suspicious activity in the vacant apartment below hers.

Hamman arrived at the apartment and found four trespassers inside. They had entered the unit through the window, and when Hamman confronted them, they tried to escape by running out of the same window! Hamman successfully stopped two of them, but the two others escaped.

The Tulsa Police Department arrived on the scene quickly and arrested the trespassers. Officer Hamman remained on the scene to secure the unit and complete a thorough report for the client.

Officer Hamman acted diligently and fearlessly in approaching a dynamic situation. We commend Officer Chris Hamman for exemplifying passion in providing peace of mind to all. 

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