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April 2021 Hero of the Month

Signal 88 Security


Latricia Steele is petite but stands her ground in her work with Signal 88 Security #75 Dallas. During the 2020 “Black Lives Matter” protests in downtown Dallas, Latricia stood her ground on duty, refusing to let protesters and rioters overrun her guard post. 

 Latricia started with Signal 88 in January 2016 and quickly proved that she’s smart and capable. The Signal 88 officer commands respect from those she approaches about breaking property rules.

 “Latricia has been a very consistent performer. Just any site we put her on, the clients are happy,” Signal 88 Security of Dallas owner Brook Carreker explains. “They want to clone her. You know, I wish we could.”

 Brook is proud of how Latricia handles the Signal 88 contract at 555 Ross Avenue Apartments in downtown Dallas. The surrounding West End area sees its share of inner-city disturbances. Latricia continually keeps the property secure by escorting individuals off the property and partnering with 911 when additional assistance is needed.

 Often she oversees the building’s rooftop entertainment plaza with its acclaimed “best rooftop pool with skyline view in all of Dallas.” Latricia’s calm demeanor helps her keep residents and guests safe and following property guidelines particularly at parties and large gatherings at the pool.

Last summer Latricia encountered more than just the general noncompliant resident. During the city’s racial justice demonstrations, the mob grew violent.

 “I can't tell you how many days our team didn’t sleep,” Brook recalls. “We literally were going on like coffee and crumbs, trying to stay alert and keep our team safe.”

When rioters and looters smashed out the 555 Ross Avenue building’s front panel windows, Latricia was vigilant in reporting the intense situation to management real-time. She remained brave and steady. As things turned dangerous, Brook and the management team intervened. 

“We had to go in and extract Latricia to keep her safe, since the mob was destroying everything in that part of town,” Brook stresses. “Latricia stayed there until she had to evacuate to the top of the building. Security is not as easy as everybody thinks. Our officers have a lot of responsibility and I want their families to know that they’re safe when they come to work for us. I also want our people to have opportunities to be recognized and appreciated.”

After Latricia’s courageous work during the 2020 riots and her unwavering work performance, Brook readily nominated Latricia for Hero of the Month.

“Since Latricia’s first day here, she has continually exhibited the core vales of Signal 88. She is tireless in her work and has an excellent record of near-perfect attendance,” Brook explains. “She communicates with our team extremely well and is a consistent and dependable employee. We are blessed to have her on our team and thankful that she is so amazing. She is a true rock star in our opinion.”

 Focused on keeping people safe and clients’ property secure, Latricia was taken back by learning she was named April Hero of the Month. “The award caught me by surprise and I was certainly not expecting that,” she says. “I remember saying “thank you” over and over. I am grateful to be recognized for my work. ”

 Latricia describes a hero in her own words: “A person who goes out of their way to make sure their job is done. A person who goes above and beyond to make sure everything is done the way it’s supposed to be done.”

 That is you, Latricia. We salute you for being a well-deserved Hero of the Month!

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