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Spring into Security Franchising

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Spring into Security Franchising

As spring and summer months head our way, more people are inclined to be outdoors, events will begin again, and areas will become busier. This can bring many new challenges to the perimeters of properties and property managers know their security needs shouldn’t take a backseat.

It’s crucial to remain vigilant and ensure that there’s a sufficient amount of physical security solutions in place for all types of businesses.

Signal 88 Security is a private security contractor that provides business owners, property managers and residents with the security they need to feel successful and secure. This time of year brings new concerns for multi-family communities keeping their residents consistently safe. By offering a selection of our security solutions like pool security, door checks, access controls, alarm response and parking enforcement, you’ll help others create a clear peace of mind.

Site Assessments

Typically conducted by franchise owners, our full-scale site assessments include property risk hazards, lightings assessments and access entry. Anything that could be considered violation or crime taking place is also investigated during the visit. With the heightened need for securing vacant properties as more people are choosing to stay in, Signal 88 owners can even offer digital site assessments so property managers can still gain peace of mind knowing we understand their needs. A site assessment is one of the most beneficial meetings you will ever have because your clients are all to learn specifically what potential security risks affect their property and how to address them.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol security is utilized on the basis of deterrence. Fully marked vehicles make their rounds, which yield a strong visual presence as well as allowing them to alter their movements so that predictable patterns do not emerge. With highly visible security SUVs around neighborhoods or open lots, criminals, transients, and other unauthorized individuals will be less likely to attempt to gain entry. In addition to visual deterrence, a security team will be able to identify any unauthorized parties and confront them before they cause any harm to property or residents. For more information on mobile patrols, refer to Enhanced Deterrence with Mobile Security.

Response Times

While traditional law enforcement officers often try to do their best to respond to an emergency call or alarm as quickly as possible, they still frequently fall short. In many cases, traditional law enforcement places can place break-ins as a low priority. This only put residents and communities more at risk of having car windows broke into, belongings stolen or vandalism to property. Signal 88 can offer an average alarm response time that's faster than traditional law enforcement. An officer can arrive on scene quickly once an alarm is tripped. Then our team will inspect the area on foot for any signs of damage while alerting local law enforcement and remaining on scene until they arrive. Doing so helps contain the intruder or prevent further criminal activity in the meantime.

When you build your own business with Signal 88, you gain control of your career and wealth generation. Earn what you choose to put in and invest your time to better your community and self. Starting a franchise is a life changing decision; take the opportunity to watch our vision presentation to see if this for you. As much as you want to be successful, we want the same for you. With a dedicated team designed to help owners achieve success, you will truly be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 

For more information on Signal 88 or questions about your franchising opportunities, please contact us at Signal 88 Security.


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